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The Polymer Make-Down Skid is capable of the make-down of up to 250 kg/d (expandable to 1000 kg/d) of polymer powder to make up to 150 mᶾ/d of 15-25 cP field blend. The powder is loaded into a feed hopper, fed into a wetting funnel and blended with a high-speed mixer. The mother solution is aged in a four-compartment flow through aging tank c/w mixers and nitrogen blanket. An oversized two stage progressive cavity pump pumps the mother solution from the tank where it is diluted with water, flows through static mixers, a fisheye filter, and into a HP reciprocating injection pump. The polymer field blend is injected into a horizontal injection well with offsetting multilateral production well. Fresh water for make-down and dilution is supplied by a vertical source well c/w source water tank.


This design does not limit you to any one polymer supplier and is engineered and constructed in Western Canada.

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