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“We have a dedicated group of amazing people at Integra, who work hard, play hard, and care about each other. We constantly engage in shaping a safe, supportive, and inclusive workplace that is warm and welcoming to employees and their families."
– Sherri Stephens – HR/HSE Advisor 

Our Culture

Every company defines culture a little differently. Ours started simply. Integra was founded as a true “family business” and we endeavoured to create a workplace that reflected the warmth, acceptance, growth, recognition, reward, and companionship of  “home”.   ​

Committed to
Career Growth

We have developed comprehensive competency matrices which include both technical and soft skills for every position in the company. This assists both managers and employees to easily determine their career path. We provide generous formal training allowances, and a ton of on-the-job learning/mentorship time.    We have been provincially recognized for our Summer/Co-op Student Development Program which provides tuition, living expense coverage, and a full-time position following graduation for those students that appear to best align with our values and who demonstrate excellence during their work term.  

Balance Matters

As a business, we take work-life balance seriously. We care about each other and create an environment where friendships blossom and community is formed. Whether we are hanging out at one of our (many) full-family potlucks, kid-friendly picnics, events, volunteering together, or just heading out for a walk at lunchtime, we believe in sharing our whole selves.    We allow flexibility in work scheduling to accommodate our family first/people first position. We feel that having the ability to take care of your family without the fear of repercussions at work is essential to a healthy environment. To us, it’s the obvious, ethical thing to do.  

Our Values

These are the essence of our identity. Every single business decision is made with these in mind. ​ INTEGRITY – To hold ourselves accountable and endeavour to produce honest, excellent work no matter what. EXCELLENCE – To strive to deliver the highest quality and value possible to our clients through common-sense solutions.    FAMILY – To ensure each individual feels they are valued, encouraged to express both their opinions and their individuality, and has a shared sense of purpose and belonging. CREATIVITY - To be innovative, curious, problem-solvers -who are adaptable and flexible as to how problems are solved.

Who We Want 

At Integra Engineering we look for a variety of positions with different skill sets for each, but overall, we focus on individuals who demonstrate our values of INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE, FAMILY, & CREATIVITY. We prefer individuals who have field/practical experience, great communication and customer service skills, an innovative spirit, and who have interest in contributing to our community.  

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